Homework 8b 


My summer vision                                                  by Luis


After a long journey, a little bit tired

I listen to the nature, everything is quiet.

Early in the morning, dew on the grass

my tent has a view like a hotel of first class.


I feel a warm wind on my skin,

suddenly I discover a dolphin.

The smell of salted water in the air

and I realize that I am here…


I put on my shorts, run out of my tent

now is the right time for self-government!

I am diving through the glimmering sea

and I am feeling so free!


The fish is so colorful as a rainbow

and like them I start to flow.

Floating through the little waves

I see shells and underwater caves.


Then I hear a voice that doesn’t belong to here:

‘’It is time to get up now, can’t you hear!?’’

I realize it only has been a dream,

my hope melts like strawberry ice cream…


I hope we can travel in the summer time!