In englischer Sprache am 28.01.2020

Tommy liebt Wendy – aber die hat nur Augen für Tommys sensiblen Freund Grant. Also schmiedet Tommy einen gemeinen Plan, um die beiden zu trennen. Sein Plan funktioniert allerdings etwas zu gut und bald gerät die Situation außer Kontrolle…

Zum Halbjahresende kam ein Großteil unserer Mittelstufe in den Genuss, das mitreißende Stück über die erste Liebe, erste Beziehungen und Intrigen in unserer Aula zu sehen. Etwa 200 Schülerinnen und Schüler verfolgten gebannt die leidenschaftliche Darbietung der vier Schauspieler des White Horse Theater, die bereits zum zweiten Mal zu Gast am APG waren.

The play Salt & Vinegar performed by the White Horse Theatre, deals with the topics of love, friendship and trust.
The story begins whith the fourteen-year-old boy Tommy, whose parents want to go on vacation without him. They send him to a holiday camp in Scotland, so he is not home alone. Not wanting to go alone, Tommy convinces his friend Grant to go with him.
At the camp, the two boys meet Wendy and Ellie, two charming girls who are the same age as them. Tommy directly shows interest in Wendy, while Ellie fancies Grant. Both Wendy and Grant think their flirtatious behaviour is embarrassing, so they keep their distance.
One year later, Tommy and Grant now being fifteen, they are at the same holiday camp again. This time, Grant and Wendy fall in love with each other and start a relationship. Grant now only has eyes and time for his girlfriend, leaving Tommy behind and only spending time with Wendy or texting her. Tommy ends up feeling jealous and rejected.
Grant and Wendy's relationship lasts another year, making Tommy and Ellie impatient. So Tommy figures out a mean plan to drive the two lovers apart. He tells Grant that Wendy is cheating on him with another boy and Ellie tells Wendy that Grant has another girlfriend back home. But the plan is soon destroyed by Ellie, who feels bad about ruining their relationship. She tells Grant and Wendy the truth and the plan that Tommy made.
That leads to Tommy staying behind all alone. He has lost all his friends and their trust.

This story shows how valuable and important true friendship is. Both sides were to blame, Tommy for letting his jealousy destroy his friendship and Grant for ignoring Tommy because he was too busy spending time with his girlfriend. Neither of them thought about the consequences of their actions.
In my view, it is very important to take into account the feelings of others. The play teaches us about trusting each other, about knowing and thinking about how the other one would feel. You should always think twice before risking someone's trust and friendship.

Samira M., 9A